Thanks so much for all your support!

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We are so PUMPED about the overwhelming and enthusiastic support we’ve seen from the Wilmington community in less than a week! WOW! We cannot wait to bring you this AWESOME and ridiculous sport. With over 20,000 of you checking out our Facebook page and tweeting your excitement, you may be wondering what is Bubble Soccer anyway?

The History:

Bubble Soccer was created in 2011 as a joke by two comedians in Norway: Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden. Bubble Soccer became a Youtube sensation almost overnight. By 2014, Bubble Soccer was a trending sport across Asia and Europe and was spreading in popularity in the USA.

How It Is Played:

In short, Bubble Soccer is just like regular soccer except inside a bubble. That said, there are some differences. The game looks like a cross between soccer and zorbing. In zorbing, a large plastic orb is used to roll down hills, and sometimes on water.  The bubbles used in Bubble Soccer are similar in construction but smaller. This allows the players full use of their legs, so they can run around the field normally.

Just like regular soccer, the objective of bubble soccer is to score against your opponent’s net. That said, bubble soccer allows players to engage in full contact, and knock each other down while trying to score.  This makes Bubble Soccer a game where defense is more fun than offense. The game starts much like a competitive game of dodgeball, with a mad dash to claim the ball. Players’ hands are fixed inside the bubble, requiring them to maintain balance using just their legs. As you can imagine, this usually means the game starts with quite a collision.

In regards to safety, we think that the coach and players sitting on the bench are in the greatest danger — you never know when an active player will accidentally steamroll the sidelines. It might take some time and practice to used to being a human bubble but it sure is fun! Not only that, but it’s a lot harder than it looks, and a great workout. It really is a sport anyone, regardless of athletic ability, can pick up and enjoy!

Ready to get in on the fun? We will be launching Wilmington Bubble Soccer in early November 2015 at our Launch Party & Demo Day. You will have an opportunity to sign up for leagues, and make reservations for parties, events and fundraisers much more!

Want to be one of the first to hear about our Demo Day? Sign up here.

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  1. Hey- My name is Joe Cats and I cover local sports in the WIlmington area for and radio stations 98.3 The Penguin and 93.7 the Dude.

    I’m looking to contact the head of Wilmington Bubble Soccer for a quick interview for an article I’d like to write about the sport coming to the Port City

    Get me a shout at 732-406-1062 or email me at for info on who I can contact…


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