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What is Bubble Soccer?

In short, bubble soccer is regular soccer played in large, inflatable spheres. It was originally created in Norway as part of a comedy show, but it’s caught on fast since people saw how chaotic and fun it can be. The sport has recently made it’s way to America, and was even featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. Originally, the sport was called zorb football, but you may have heard it or similar games called bubble ball, knocker ball, battle ball, or a host of other things.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what Bubble Soccer looks like, I’ll let Jimmy Fallon explain on a small scale –

I’m not athletic/good at soccer, is this still for me?

Absolutely! Bubble soccer is great for people of all skill levels. Wearing a giant plastic bubble really helps to even the playing field. Besides, bubble soccer is about fun first.

Will I get hurt?

Bubble soccer is a pretty safe sport. You are, after all, literally protected by a giant bubble. That said, there is always risk involved with sports and physical activity. There may be sprained ankles and such, but most of your body will be well protected.

Don’t the bubbles get gross?

Yes, yes they do. That’s why we come prepared to clean and sanitize the bubbles after each use, even during a single event.

Will I get claustrophobic?

We certainly hope not. The bubbles can be a tight space, but the are open on both ends. If you’re unsure or nervous, let us know. We’ll have staff ready to remove the bubble quickly if you start to feel uncomfortable. 

How old/young can I be to play?

Based on the size of our equipment, players will need to be 12 or older to participate. Also remember that players under 18 will need parental consent.